Intention Candles
Intention Candles
Intention Candles
Intention Candles

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Intention Candles

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My most beloved, my intention candles. If  you’re looking for Love, or Protection, there’s something for everyone & I will personally hand pick your desired candle. If you have a specific intention you’d like created, there is a separate tab named “Custom” or feel free to email me!  Each candle is created differently, and you’ll never find two the same. These soy candles are  Homemade with dried herbs & botanicals from my garden. Each candle is completed with a nice size gemstone & other little trinkets that you can keep forever 🕯

Please give about a week before receiving notification regarding shipping. If you need a rush for any reason, please email me & I will make your candle a priority. 🤍

Email me to create

As always, crafted with love and good vibes 🌿


Each candle is handcrafted and created with care. Each one is hand poured with 100% pure Soy Wax and an Eco-Cotton Wick. Because these are handcrafted each one is slightly different than the others.

*Make sure when burning your candle for the first time that you let it burn until the entire top of wax is melted. If you start your burn, then extinguish your candle early, it will create a tunnel effect and future burns will be negatively affected.

Never leave a candle unattended, around children or pets. Be responsible and DO NOT sleep with your candle burning.

Many of the fixtures on my candles are easily removed for burning purposes. The dried herbs and flowers on top of the candle can and will light on fire when the candle is lit so please either remove these items completely and be extra careful and do not burn around anything flammable (this includes but is not limited to curtains, blankets, near a wall or low ceiling). Also, please burn in a well ventilated area as an additional precaution.

Brujita Outlaws is not responsible for the misuse of candles, so please burn responsibly and NEVER leave candles unattended, especially with herbs and other ingredients which can catch fire. Never leave candles within reach of children or pets!