Summer Moon Elixir
Summer Moon Elixir
Summer Moon Elixir

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Summer Moon Elixir

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This is a highly enchanting elixir. Creating these blends has been a really exciting and divine time for me. I've been able to connect with my higher self on such a deep level to create the most perfect blends to help cultivate & bring magick into your life.  

All of my work is designed to only work with Positive & Pure Vibrations & Intention for the Greatest good for all. Good Vibes ONLY. I never create anything without Cleansing myself, & our home.

My Moon Enchantment Elixir is infused with Oils, Herbs & Flowers that corresponds with the Full Moons Potent & Powerful Energy.

During the Full Moon it is a time of culmination, transformation and amplifying energy.

Add my Full Moon Enchantment Elixir to your oil burner, to practice and rituals to help bring any project that needs growth to come to fruition, such as Love, Fertility and Prosperity.

You can use Enchantment Elixir to anoint your Body, Divination Tools, Anoint & Dress Candles, and add to any Ritual + Goddess Ritual Bath.

Feel free to leave me some extra intent you would like to add to your oil in the note section of your order.

With Your + My Positive Intentions, Enchantment Elixir will help to Draw in & Help you Manifest the energy you are asking for.

Each Elixir is infused with specific Oils, Herbs, & Dried handpicked Botanicals. 🌙 

This is my second batch of  this elixir. I do not create a new batch until the previous one sells out completely. Shelf Life 6 months.

Multiple uses: Ritual Oil (anointing candles), Ritual Baths, Body Oil, Fragrance for an oil burner.

Charged under the New Moon, Infused with Jade chips, Organic Fragrance Oils, and Homegrown fresh Herbs and Flowers. 

Carrier Oils: Fractionated Coconut Oil & Sweet Almond Oil,